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Third Light Desktop Upload Tool for Mac OS  v.1.2

This tool provides a drag-and-drop upload interface, to help you conveniently upload media to your Third Light IMS server directly from MacOS X. Third Light IMS is a networked digital media storage / digital asset management system, used for

Art Directors Toolkit for Mac OS  v.5.2

A reference utility for artists and designers working with digital media. It is comprised of several practical utilities and tools that no digital artist should create without. ADT speeds up the design process, makes production more accurate, and

Photorecovery 2010 for Mac OS  v.4.5

Easy-to-use application that recovers images, movies, sound files and other popular file types from all types of digital media, also supports all RAW files and HD Video. Also included are utilities that allow you to safely format and wipe media

Warehouse for Mac OS  v.1.1

Offers a lightweight single window interface for backing up files from your Mac to any removable media device such as external hard drives, USB memory sticks or even other Macs connected on a network. Warehouse uses a task based system which lets

Free Video to Apple TV Converter  v.5.0.4

Convert video files to MP4 format (H264, AAC) to playback on your Apple TV digital media receiver. You can select PAL or NTSC encoding system presets for appropriate TV-sets or to set the maximum definition as 1280x720 (HD). Input file formats:

MtpSharp  v.0.1

mtpsharp is an api to handle the microsoft media device api's from a managed .net

Open Streaming Server  v.1.0

Open Streaming Server is an digital media delivery. Main characteristics are: - Streaming of mp4, 3gp, WMF, QT files - Dynamic Bandwidth adaptation - Load balancing - Content distribution Technology: C++, Java and

SimpleRTSP  v.0.1beta

simpleRTSP is a compact,fast,lightweight RTSP libraries,using open standard protocols(RTP/RTCP,RTSP,SIP).It aims to provide simple and easy-ported C libraries for embedded environment,such as set-top box,hand-held terminals and digital-media

UpStage  v.2.1

UpStage is a web-based venue for cyberformance: artists compile digital media in real time to create live theatrical performance for online

MediaProSoft Free FLAC to MP3 Converter  v.6.4.2

MediaProSoft Free FLAC to MP3 Converter can convert big FLAC music to compressed and smaller MP3 format to save more music on their PCs or listen to those files on your iPod or other personal digital media player.

Php_dmap  v.1.0

A PHP API for parsing and manipulation the Apple's DMAP (Digital Media Access Protocol) and DAAP (Digital Audio Access Protocol) protocol. It supports parsing and using DAAP content-types. Internal DMAP objects can be converted to JSON or XML.

Alucinoria  v.1.0

Game development project from Integrated Digital Media of NYU:Poly. Spring 2008-Fall 2008.

Ds-usb-fire-line  v.1.0

The project support usb ds fire line device, so everyone could use ds console as usb game pad or usb mouse. Maybe you could create another new application which based usb ds fire line and nand flash media device.

FindMedia  v.1.0

An open source project to help refine search within digital media.

DLD linux system build  v.1.0

to build and install linux and development tools into the DLD device,witch is a linux kernel with many AP (such as dictionary,....).The DLD is digital learning device. Submission Tool  v.1.0

A program to submit whatever you want to without having to listen to the songs. Who has the time anyway? Use this tool if you have a media device that's incapable of submitting tracks. Use it to upload your entire collection without hassle.

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